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    HSS Stack Cutters 2 Inch

    Cutting depth of 2" - Weldon

    In order to drill multiple layers of material simultaneously, we recommend the use of our annular cutters with stack geometry. The unique teeth profile ensures safe and stable penetration properties, layer for layer. 

    Combined with the standard performance improving characteristics of Euroboor annular cutters this results in smooth layer transitions, precise and clean hole finishes and the time savings you are looking for. 

    Did you know:
    • Stack geometry annular cutters are also the perfect solution for drilling sandwich plates such as SPS.
    • Stack geometry cutters can also be used trouble-free on single layer workpieces.

    See below for available sizes:


    ø 3/4"  HCPL.3/4"
    ø 13/16"  HCPL.13/16"
    ø 7/8"  HCPL.7/8"
    ø 15/16"  HCPL.15/16"
    ø 1"  HCPL.1"
    ø 1 1/16"  HCPL.1-1/16"
    ø 1 1/8" HCPL.1-1/8"
    ø 1 3/16"  HCPL.1-3/16"
    ø 1 1/4"  HCPL.1-1/4"